Co-inventing a new accounting experience at Wint

Wint is accounting made easy breezy

Wint is an automated accounting service that makes it easier for business owners to manage all their accounting needs. Wint’s accounting experience was being upgraded to newer technology and the experience had been completely redesigned. During the launch, current users needed to be kept happy. Simultaneously, the team wanted to increase the number of customers to discover the improved accounting service and sign up for the service.

The challenge

How do you make people feel comfortable using automation software for their accounting needs? As a designer, the challenge was largely about communicating benefits and creating creative messaging to onboard users to trust the automation process and the new software experience. Another challenge was to change the way we were working and create flows and features based on user insights. By introducing user-centered principles, I was able to increase the team’s understanding of design-driven practices.


Users felt unaware of what they could do with the software. I created introductory onboarding materials so that customers could get to know it. I also initialized the start of a new onboarding experience, that sought to improve the experience for new users as well as the onboarding team. I introduced user-centered principles and involved the end user’s perspective in the design process. The team was equipped to begin translating findings into features.

Delivery and results

I conducted user testing, created low-fidelity wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, and produced tutorials, and marketing communication material, and optimized the website for customer lead acquisition. The team saw a steady increase in new customers and less customer churn.

UX/UI Design
  • User research
  • User testing
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups and prototypes
Branding and visual communication
  • Website design
  • Optimizing user flows
  • User conversion
  • Communication design
  • Motion graphics

An explanatory video for onboarding existing customers to the new software experience.

Wint’s website.