Poster / Infographic

Client: Course Assignment at Design and Industry, SFSU
Date: 2009
Services: Mapping, Graphic Design

Civic Center Infographic

Infographic poster with the aim to describe an appropriated situationist view on Civic Center in San Francisco.

My idea with the poster:
The last kingdom in the new world to be constructed, capital of the west coast; San Francisco draws upon references from near and afar. The heart of the city, the magnifique Civic Center, exudes references from antique imperial Europe. The architectural language oozes authority; omnipresent elements of past successes surround the area, structures/facades erected to resemble commanding edifices. Here they stand, representing splendor via fragmented bits and pieces of copied and appropriated ideas. My logo is baptized “Civic Centre” for its French heritage. I want to inform the idea of a copy, a duplicate, or even a copy of a copy. The dome is here conceived from a lineage of important architectural monuments, thus its inheritance is made visible via a family tree of domes. A paradoxical nature of a commanding center split between power/authority and poverty/despair.