Graphic Design

Malibu Rum – web campaign experience

In collaboration with Analog Folk. In collaboration with Analog Folk. YouTube channel cover art and video thumbs.

Malibu Beer

Who knew, but where there are coconuts, there’s also brew. When Malibu launched its first ever beer, I was asked to create launch visuals and co-create a lifestyle imagery to support the brand’s product launch.

Poster / Infographic

Civic Center Infographic Infographic poster with the aim to describe an appropriated situationist view on Civic Center in San Francisco. My idea with the poster: The last kingdom in the new world…

Sivans Osthandel

Portrait illustration, product labels, website re-design and new shopping bag graphics for local and famed cheese connoisseur, Sivan.

Derome Mark & Bostad

During my time at residential developer Derome Mark & Bostad, I was responsible for creating brochures for the various projects. I was involved in copywriting, art directed 3D-visuals and photo shoots, to layout and production of the final brochure including its digital counterpart.