Going Agile!

Self-organizing teams apparently seem to thrive when they practice working agile. This means that they work collaboratively, with tight communication and cadence. They have learned to embrace constant change. They collaborate with stakeholders and use a people-first approach. They embrace knowledge. Tasks are moved around across a board of their liking, referring to an overview of their activities when they planning their work. They do daily stand-ups and keep each other in the loop. Each member gets a turn to talk and in turn are able to influence the entire team and the project’s general direction. Everyone is kept up to date and flags can be raised. The team works iteratively, meaning that the project is divided up into smaller assignments letting the team build smaller iterations, to arrive at several project deliveries.


I’m a designer with a creative, empathic, and technical edge. I revel in crafting thoughtful experiences and visually compelling communication. As a designer and UX developer, I’m comfortable working hands-on and strategically with diverse teams. I want to help guide teams to learn effective ways to create meaningful products and features that delight the people and meet the needs of the market.