What are Classes?

I’m just going to jot down my notes while I learn about the nitty-gritty. Here we go.

Object-oriented languages use classes to describe objects.

An instance is an object created from a class. A case or an occurrence of a class, a copy/an example to put forth.

An Attribute are values that will persist inside a variable or instance variable (@variable)

The class method .new is a new instance of a class

def self.method.name

class Attibutes @@variable works without a method variable.

Inheritance extends methods and attributes of a class to another.

Enumerable is a ‘mix-in’ that is searchable, countable, sortable, collectible and yields members of a collection – a part of the ‘each’ method.

Symbols references method names and are unique.

Scope – global variables are available everywhere and local variables are available inside methods or classes “class variables” or instance variables.

@ belongs to instance variables @@belongs to a class variable.


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