How to improve online learning – a paper

One of my final classes in college was Research and Development. I found that online learning had potential and the platform at the university had some issues that could be fixed. So I decided to dig into it for my research class. The purpose of the course was to formulate a formal report, conduct a user survey and come up with a concluding design.


iLearn, San Francisco State University’s premier Learning Management System (LMS) enables the use of customizable online classrooms. These shared course spaces are essentially constructed and managed by professors who may add students to their online roster. Those using iLearn can take advantage of web-tools such as surveys, quizzes, material, assignments, and forums. iLearn uses dynamic interface architecture, thus taking advantage of new technology. Deeper attention paid to user experience design (focused on a faculty’s perspective) could improve efficiency for the system’s users.

The purpose of this study was to give recommendations to improve the UX of the LMS, finding a solution that lends to ease of use and is pertinent for professors as well as students.

The full user experience report

The timeline for my project


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